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How This $19 Eco-Friendly Alternative To Paper Towels Saves Me Hundreds Per Year

Sarah Collins

What Are BambooFresh Towels and how do they work?

In every home, hundreds of paper towels are used each week to soak up spills, wipe off dirt, and clean off counters. The trouble is, these paper towels wind up in the trash after one use. This is bad for the environment... as well as for your wallet.

BambooFresh Towels are a breakthrough new invention that eliminates all this paper towel waste. They use remarkable bamboo fibers to soak up liquids and wipe off dirt, while staying strong and resilient enough to be rinsed and reused up to 80 times.

The result is that each pack of BambooFresh Towels can replace up to 62 rolls of regular paper towels. They can save you up to $240 every year... and provide a superior alternative to paper towels in every way.

BambooFresh Towels are up to 37 times more absorbent than a regular paper towel

Dirty Dishcloths & Kitchen Sponges Spread More Bacteria Than They Pick Up

Most households rely heavily on dishcloths & sponges for daily cleaning. The problem? Both of these become HEAVILY contaminated with bacteria over time, often spreading more germs than they pick up.

Luckily, bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial. Killing germs on contact, so they’ll never become mildewy or stinky like a washcloth or sponge.

Over time, kitchen sponges and dishcloths can pick up nasty bacteria & germs

Nature’s miracle material: highest-quality bamboo fiber

BambooFresh Towels are made from the highest-quality bamboo fiber. This all-natural miracle material soaks up liquids and wipes off dirt dramatically better than paper. Unlike paper, bamboo fibers remain resilient even when wet, meaning BambooFresh Towels can be rinsed and reused up to 80 times.

BambooFresh Towels remain strong and absorbent for up to 80 uses because of bamboo fibers

What makes BambooFresh Towels ideal for replacing paper towels in your home?

Saves Money
Each pack of BambooFresh Towels replaces up to 62 rolls of paper towels, saving up to $240 a year on average
Each BambooFresh Towel can be reused up to 80 times, making it kind to the environment as well as to your wallet
Naturally Antibacterial
Thanks to the natural germ-killing power of bamboo, BambooFresh Towels don't get smelly or mildewy like washcloths
Simply rinse out a used BambooFresh Towel in water to get it clean again — or throw it into the washing machine
Super Strong
Unlike paper towels, resilient BambooFresh keep their strength even after getting wet
Ultra Absorbent
Thanks to 100% bamboo fibers, BambooFresh Towels completely soak up spills with no dripping

How do BambooFresh towels compare to paper?

Paper Towel
Single Use
Goes in Trash
Super Strong

Where can you use BambooFresh Towels?

BambooFresh towels are designed as a superior alternative to paper towels throughout your home. Wet counters, messy floors, smudgy windows, dusty cupboards, even on tablets and phone screens — BambooFresh towels do anything paper towels do, and do it better.

And because BambooFresh Towels are made of 100% natural, antibacterial bamboo fiber, they can be reused over and over, saving you hundreds of dollars and reducing paper waste.

BambooFresh Towels can replace paper towels throughout your home

Over 120,000 sold: Our final thoughts

Since launching earlier this year, BambooFresh Towels have become a sensation, with over 120,000 packs of BambooFresh Towels sold to satisfied customers. The company is working to keep up with demand, but it warns that supplies of BambooFresh Towels might run out soon.

And no wonder. BambooFresh Towels are strong, absorbent, and naturally antibacterial. They offer an affordable and eco-safe alternative to paper towels. It’s something every household can use more of.

Where can you get BambooFresh Towels?

BambooFresh Towels are ONLY sold directly from the producer, and cannot be bought in stores or on Amazon.

Right now, the BambooFresh company is offering a special 40% OFF discount for the next 250 buyers. Click the button below if you would like to see whether this discount is still available.

Bamboo Towels is ONLY available online and cant be found in stores.

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Mary Huszar-Jones
How big are these towels?
Reina Gomezvccc
Each tear-off sheet is 11" x 12"
Sharmi Daniel
What can Bamboo towels be used for?
Hannah White
These towels do as much as paper towels, and even more. They are perfect for home, travel, car, pets, outdoors, personal care and childcare.
Joanie Miller-Coaxes
How many times can I use a Bamboo sheet?
Juliana Santos
These can be reused up to 120 times before discarding.
Heather Moss
Does this fit with a traditional paper towel dispenser?
Sarah Bowman
Patty Weinert
How do you wash these towels?
Ellie Smith-Wanderlei
You can put them in a laundry bag in the washing machine, then air dry. Or, just rinse in the sink, then air dry.
Emma Miller  
Are these biodegradable?
Adam Wilson  
Bamboo sheets are 100% certified organic, eco friendly and biodegradable
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